A Novella by
Chuck Harrison


59 pages. Published 2014.

ISBN 978-0967799568


Paperback $5.95                     Ebook $3.99



In a post-apocalyptic world where humanity seeks to colonize other planets and genetically modified people are the new breeders, one scout named Aram has crash-landed on a strange, undiscovered world, the apparent sole survivor on an interstellar trip gone awry. Waiting for rescue, Aram fights off boredom, insanity, and death. In order to stay active, he and his lone companion, an annoying survival bot, search high and low for other survivors of the crash. What they find will change both of their lives forever.

Note from Richard Dolan:


I've known fellow Rochester resident Chuck Harrison for a few years and find myself constantly amazed by his talent, not merely as a first-rate illustrator (his work has appeared in a number of publications, including DC Comics), but also as a writer. Through most of 2014, he told me about a story he was writing while sitting in the Starry Nights Cafe in Rochester. "At the cafe?" I asked him. "How are you writing it there?" 


"Oh," he said. "I'm doing it on my iPhone while drinking lots of coffee." 


I didn't know how good a story could be via the iPhone until I read Chuck's. I loved it. In my opinion, it's a great story marked by smooth writing, good plot development, interesting themes, and a few cool twists as you get near the end. When he asked me if I would publish it, I didn't hesistate. Absolutely, was my answer. 


Recovery is a little gem of a story dedicated, as Chuck put it, to "all card carrying members of The Lonely Hearts Club Band." I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 



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